Together with our partners we are proud to work with so many clinical organisations and private clinicians throughout the UK and Ireland. Our clinical solutions are used in Gait Laboratories, Neurological Clinics, also Prosthetic and Orthotic Centres. Inside the NHS and Private Hospital setting, or in the ever increasing Independent Healthcare sector that includes Podiatrists, Orthotists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and Sports Therapists.


Gait Analysis is one of the most popular applications within these fields. Key solutions that we offer such as Footscan and G-WALK are being used daily by our clients, which are ideal for todays busy clinical challenges. These solutions allow quick set up of the patient and easy to use protocols with instant reports of accurate objective data which compliment the clinical outcomes.


Exciting new innovation allows the future to be now. Combining Static and Dynamic assessment using Footscan to instantly prescribe truly bespoke accurate 3D Printed Phits Orthotics!


Gait and Motion Technology offer a portfolio of solutions that allow Researchers and Students within the University setting to capture their desired research data, whether it is in the Lab or on the field. Peace of mind that the data is accurate, reliable and trusted by virtue of many thousands of published papers globally. Our software packages allow easy interpretation of data for vital analysis.


Footscan®, the leader of Pressure Measurement has been chosen by the majority of Universities in the UK due to its 500Hz acquisition speed and ability to withstand loads of up to 3000kg. No matter if you require a clinical gait assessment or you need to capture an Olympic sprinters forefoot contact, even the odd Elephant, Footscan will handle the pressure and won’t let you down!


Our unique portfolio also includes Force Plates, Video Analysis, Wireless EMG and Motion Capture. The only medical device company that can offer a fully native integrated Gait/Motion Lab, powered and managed by one computer.

Elite Sport

In elite sport, fine margins make the difference between success and failure. Widely accepted, our technology is utilised to adapt training techniques, minimise injury risk and establish optimal rehabilitation strategies to speed up recovery times and the return to play.


The ease of use, portability and robustness of our systems makes them applicable to many sporting environments, with real time analysis that is vital in sport.


Our technology is being utilised across the world in every sporting discipline. Indoors and outdoors, regardless of the conditions, our solutions allow the medical teams to achieve the best results.