BTS GAITLAB is the result of 30 years experience in the field of Clinical Motion Analysis. This is the only complete Gait Laboratory solution in the world, supplied and seamlessly integrated by just one company.

BTS GAITLAB natively combines motion capture, force analysis, electromyography (EMG) and inertial sensors, supplying the accurate quantitative information and objective data needed to identify gait and postural problems, load asymmetries and muscle failure, which would not be measureable with standard clinical examinations. The digital synchronisation tools allow clinicians to understand and simultaneously compare, frame by frame, the patient's movement and force distribution.

SMART-DX optoelectronic motion capture cameras are designed to satisfy the motion analysis requirements in all clinical and sport settings. SMART-DX cameras are equipped with powerful infrared illuminators to guarantee exceptional performance, even in the most adverse conditions. Experience up to 16 camera's recording at 2,000 frames per second to capture every minor movement with automatic marker recognition. Clinical evaluation and performance analysis has never been more simple with our intuitive software, which even allows the clinician to develop their own customised assessment protocols.

Our teams remarkable experience in designing Gait Laboratories worldwide makes us strong providers for Public Health Centres, Private Medical Institutions and Universities, tailored to their specific requirements.

Wireless EMG

FREEEMG is the most advanced EMG unit in the world. It is a wireless system for the dynamic analysis of muscle activity in real time, allowing freedom of movement for a wide range of applications. With 6 validated functional test protocols, FREEEMG offers real time biofeedback for advanced clinical movement analysis. 

Another unique feature of the BTS GAITLAB is INFINI-T; the first digital sensorised floor. This is a modular force platform which allows multiple plates to be connected, measuring ground reaction forces across it's entire surface, including the borders! 

Our turnkey solution includes design, installation, training and support services to guarantee a highly productive and reliable gait lab. At any time, BTS GAITLAB can be redesigned and expanded with additional third party hardware.

All customers have access to BTS L@BNET; a remote technical assistance service able to manage and provide solutions to any problems in real time via the internet. BTS also hold regular webinars with experts in specific clinical fields and there is the opportunity to join the BTS Motion Society: a global network of professionals sharing experience, projects and collaborations.

The software includes a library of testing protocols which are each equipped with their own user manual. These protocols have been scientifically validated and accepted by the International Scientific Community.

Motion Analysis Protocols

Davis - Multifactorial Gait Analysis

Helen Hayes - Multifactorial Gait Analysis

Oxford Foot Model - Foot Biomechanics

SHCG Foot Model - Segmental Gait Analysis

Modified Rab - Upper Limb Analysis

Cervical Spine - Functional Mobility

Digivec - Ground Force Reaction Analysis

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