Whether you need to scan a foot, a cast or a foam box, the iQube 3D Scanner range is able to produce high quality 3D images in seconds, saving you time whilst improving the quality of the orthotics.

iQube 3D Scanner Range

iQube E100 Mini - 1 Camera

iQube E500 - 5 Camera's

High Speed Scanning

Compact and Portable

Simple STL File Output

3D Data for Modelling Software

Create a complete and detailed 3D scan of your subject’s foot with the Tiger Scanner. Captured up to the ankle, the Tiger allows you to perform additional analysis on the shape and form of the feet.

Tiger 3D Scanner

Tiger Scanner - 9 Camera's

Automated Foot Calcuations

Arch Height, Foot Length, Foot Width

Accurate Girth Measurements

Simple STL File Output

3D Data for Modelling Software

For further information on the RSscan 3D Scanner specifications and pricing, simply complete the contact form here and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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