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3D Scanners

3D Scanners: Capture a high quality 3D image of your patients foot in seconds, saving you time whilst improving the quality of your orthoses.


SAM - 3D Scanning App


The power of a 3D scanner in your pocket, with various scanning protocols to cater for all preferences. Click here to learn more about SAM.

iQube Mini.jpg

iQube Mini


Fast, lightweight and accurate 3D scanner with a single camera. Created specifically for portable use and can scan feet, lasts and foam boxes

iQube E500.jpg

iQube E500


Designed for orthotic manufacturing, the E500 is very fast and accurate with 5 cameras. The portable casing includes an integrated step for easy use.




High quality 3D scanner designed for orthotists, footwear manufacturers and designers with 9 cameras which can scan feet, lasts, foam boxes, hands, insoles and shoes.

All scanners come with a 3D scan software module with automated foot length, width and arch height calculations. The Tiger scanner also allows girth measurements along the entire foot.
Simple export of STL or OBJ files to provide 3D data for modelling software.
Click here to download full technical specifications of our 3D scanner range.

Offer the gold standard in static and dynamic foot analysis by combining a 3D scanner with our Footscan technology to optimise your orthotic design. 

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