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NIRVANA: A non-invasive medical device that uses immersive virtual reality techniques for motor and cognitive neuro-rehabilitation of patients of any age with neuromuscular disorders such as stroke, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy or autism.


NIRVANA creates a ‘sensory room’ where the patient can be in an immersive, stimulating environment with various realistic scenarios to make the rehabilitation process more effective. Exercises can be edited in real time and adapted to the specific patient’s abilities.


This neuro-sensory system creates different scenarios on walls or floors and the patient interacts with the provided stimuli. A motion analysis device detects the patient’s behaviour and adjusts the projected environment, providing highly stimulating and rehabilitative audio-visual feedback, with a full immersion of the whole body. The patient thus receives more cognitive and motor stimuli and the effectiveness of the entire rehabilitation program is increased compared to a conventional therapeutic approach.


NIRVANA is preconfigured with 35 scientifically validated exercise protocols that can be customised in terms of difficulty level, execution speed and sensitive area for the various categories of patients.

The exercises are grouped in to 6 categories:

Sprites: Reach and touch various sets of objects.

Follow me: Follow the moving objects.

Hunt: Reach various elements that appear randomly for a limited time.

Motion: Cover the largest portion of the projection or try to keep a fixed position.

Grasping: Simulate grasping an object and the following positioning to a target point in a scenario that recreates everyday situations.

Games: Play with scenarios and effects that can be used freely.

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Why choose NIRVANA:

Stimulates proactivity

The patients become the active protagonists of their treatment. A more motivating and engaging treatment appears to be more effective, providing better results in less time.

Complete freedom of movement

Patients are free to move without the obstruction of glasses, gloves and sensors, and can perform rehabilitation exercises using their aids such as walkers, crutches or wheelchairs.

Validated clinical exercises

Exercises can be edited in real time and adapted to the specific patients abilities. This accelerates rehabilitation and ensures that the patient remains positive. The exercises have been entirely developed in collaboration with clinical experts recognised by the International Scientific Community.

Does not require a dedicated space

The installation of NIRVANA doesn’t require a dedicated space as the sensors and projectors do not take up any floor space. The system can be installed in an area which is already used for motor and cognitive rehabilitation, integrating perfectly in to the clinic.

Instant reporting

During the exercise, the system measures and generates all significant indexes of the patient’s progress, generating an easy-to-read report which can be graphically monitored over time in the patient history for efficient session comparisons. You also have the ability to record a video during the execution of each exercise to subsequently monitor the patient’s performance.

Web based software

The web-based software allows you to manage patients, organise their therapy and record and visualise the progress achieved on any device (PC, tablet or smartphone) with a cloud database. The rehabilitation sessions can also be created or examined remotely and the software can be used by several users in this multi-user platform.

  • 2 NIRVANA sensors

  • 1 short-throw video projector (Floor configuration)

  • 1 ultra-short-throw video projector (Wall configuration)

  • 1 NIRVANA server

  • 1 NIRVANA net box

  • 1 webcam

  • NIRVANA software

  • 1 computer console

Let's get started

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