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Exclusive content for Gait and Motion Clinics partners; including training videos, educational webinars and other useful documents.

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Footscan Training Videos

Phits Training Videos

Educational Webinars

Useful Documents

Footscan Installation Guide & User Manual

Footscan Database Transfer

Phits Expert Guide

Phits Refurb & Modification Form

Footscan Minimum System Requirements

Footscan Case Files

Phits Clinical Design Guide

EVERYDAY Ready To Wear Range

GMT Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Social Media

Gait and Motion Technology

We are very active on social media, sharing the latest Footscan and Phits related stories and endorsements, so please follow Gait and Motion Technology below to keep up to date with the latest news:

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Gait and Motion Clinics

We also post regular patient focussed content on our Gait and Motion Clinics social media channels which you are welcome to use/share:

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