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Footscan: Industry leading pressure measurement technology for clinical gait and movement analysis, with the optional integration of Phits 3D-printed orthotics.

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Innovation, accuracy, and reliability are critical components of healthcare and research. You’ll find all three within Footscan; a system utilised in more than 3,000 scientific studies and trusted by state-of-the-art movement labs, the British Armed Forces and elite sports teams worldwide for the past 3 decades.

Combining robust, clinically accepted hardware and software for analysing gait, movement, pressure and more, Footscan supports your biomechanical assessments to optimise treatment pathways and outcomes.

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Entry Level Footscan

These plug-and-play systems are affordable without sacrificing performance. Easy to use, portable and highly intuitive, perfect for the private clinician. Available in sizes 0.5m, 1.0m or 1.5m.

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High-end Footscan

These high-speed systems combine scanning power with the integration of third-party technologies such as force plates, electromyography and motion capture systems for high-end scientific research. Available in sizes 1.0m and 2.0m.

Why choose Footscan:

Quick and intuitive

Capture static, balance and dynamic data within 2-3 minutes with our easy-to-use software workflow. Consolidate every part of the process and keep all of your data in a unified system.


High speed scanning

The high scanning frequency and sensor resolution of Footscan ensures accuracy in data acquisition and repeatability.


Continuous dynamic recording

Launch dynamic measurements with the click of a button and capture multiple foot strikes which can be analysed individually or as an average.


Wide range of analysis tools

Enhanced 2D and 3D visualisations enable you to clearly communicate the data with your patient and directly compare against other scans or pre-set case files.


Instant reporting

Provide your patients with an instant, visual Footscan report which can be customised to your clinical practice.


Evolving software

Our research and development team are continually enhancing the software based on clinical user feedback. Unlimited licenses and ongoing updates, the software is built for the future.


Data-driven healthcare

Footscan quantifies what the eye cannot see. Take your gait analysis and prescription orthotic service to the next level with accurate, objective data.


3D scan integration

Footscan is the only system worldwide able to directly merge static 3D scans with dynamic 2D footscan data in our dynamic overlay software module.

Deciding which pressure measurement system to invest in? Read our Blog entitled "5 Key Considerations when Buying a Pressure Measurement System for Clinical Practice - The Footscan Standard."

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Don't just take our word...

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“Gait and Motion Technology offer the future of healthcare measurement helping me and my team to perform repeatable, accurate and measurable assessments. We primarily use the Footscan system and love using it. Patients love it too because it gives a real visual aid to help them understand their diagnosis or advice.”

Ciaran Canney

Director & Podiatrist, Foot Medic Podiatry

Jamal Mashlab.png

“This system is revolutionising the way we treat foot, leg and back problems. It provides an advanced, in-depth assessment of an individual’s biomechanics, enabling us to make the most accurate diagnosis. Footscan is the most high-tech pressure plate on the market, providing detailed analysis of your foot mechanics, undetectable by the human eye. Truly ground-breaking, this world class system really is the future!”

Jamal Mashlab

Director & Physiotherapist, Lilleshall Clinic

Emily Ball.png

“Gait and Motion Technology has assisted us to provide tangible, visual data to our patients, which when repeated post a course of treatment is an excellent way to demonstrate rehabilitation progress. Support is readily available from the team when required, and we have no hesitation in recommending Footscan for those who have a complex MSK caseload.”

Emily Ball

Director & Podiatrist, Active Step Foot & Ankle Clinic

Dr Bharti Rajput.png

“When I was training as a Podiatrist, I dreamt of a system that was fuss free and provided weight bearing dynamic measurements and didn’t involve messy plaster casting! Fast forward many years later and Footscan is this dream come true. Simple and intuitive to use and most of all our patients love it. Quick turnaround from the lab and great support. Happiness all round.”

Dr Bharti Rajput

Director & Podiatrist, Sole Body Soul

  • What about maintenance?
    Phits are very easy to maintain as they do not absorb moisture. Therefore, they can be easily cleaned. Concerned that the top cover is wearing down? No problem, all top covers can be refurbished here in the UK.
  • Which top cover options are available?
    There are a range of top covers to choose from within the Phits design portal, including various shore densities of EVA and the leading impact protective form of PU, D3O.
  • Do Phits fit into every shoe?
    Phits insoles fit in to the majority of shoe types, including specifically adapted designs for football, running, cycling, golf and skiing for optimal functionality. There are also options for narrower day to day footwear and even tailored safety insoles for workers boots.
  • Can Phits be customised?
    Yes! All Phits insoles can be customised with a 3D print engraved name on the rear of the heel cup. This could be your clinic or patient name for that added touch of personalisation.

Let's get started

If you are a clinician and would like more information, system pricing, or to arrange a free demonstration with one of our consultants, simply complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you are looking to for a personal Footscan assessment, please visit Gait and Motion Clinics and complete the 'Find a Clinic' form and a member of the team will introduce you to your nearest specialist clinic.

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