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PODIUM: An innovative sensory platform which measures and visualizes 3D force vectors in real-time to assess the performance level and physical condition of individuals through augmented reality to minimise their injury risk and maximise performance.

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PODIUM accurately monitors the strength and symmetry of an individual in static and dynamic conditions in just a few minutes. A wide range of organisations use PODIUM, from elite sports teams to neurological rehabilitation centres. The simplicity and speed of the tests allow you to quickly and frequently examine entire teams of athletes without altering their normal training schedules.

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PODIUM consists of 2 P-6000 triaxial force plates and 2 high-resolution video cameras. The P-6000 force plates record the 3 components of the ground reaction force, the coordinates of the centre of pressure (COP) and the torque.


Thanks to the cameras which are synchronised with the 3D force plates, PODIUM displays superimposed force vectors on the individual in real time, allowing for immediate assessment of the force exerted during the individuals contact with the ground in terms of intensity and direction. This also allows the individual to understand how their performance changes in relation to their posture, power and movement.

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In the post-injury rehabilitation process, PODIUM becomes a powerful support tool to provide the individual with awareness of their condition by gradually loading the injured limb.


PODIUM is equipped with a library of test protocols with easy-to-read reports containing graphs, spatial-temporal parameters and the distribution of forces during specific motor tasks.

Why choose PODIUM:

Ease of use

PODIUM does not require specific analysis skills. The test protocols provide an instant, intuitive report comparing the parameters with their normative values which highlights any potential problems. The system can be used in total freedom without any patient preparation; ensuring quick, efficient testing.


Multi-purpose system

In addition to the test protocols, PODIUM provides a biofeedback system through which the individual can visually monitor their balance and movement in front of a digital mirror with augmented reality. The software then provides instructions on the correct posture or movement, becoming a powerful self-training system.


Advanced technology

The three components of force (vertical, antero-posterior and lateral) can be viewed simultaneously on screen. Optional tools such as additional video cameras and FREEEMG can be integrated. 

  • 2 integrated P-6000 triaxial force platforms

  • 2 HD Video cameras

  • Wooden PODIUM frame



  • 3 Digivec software licenses

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