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SMART-DX EVO: Distributed intelligence system with maximum accuracy, resolution and frame rate, combined with exceptional versatility.

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SMART-DX EVO is an extremely versatile line of motion capture cameras, able to meet all analysis laboratory demands in routine use, typical of the clinical field, and in experimental use, under the scope of sport and research for the analysis of complex movements that require large spaces for execution and multiple simultaneous body segmental assessments.


SMART-DX EVO represents an evolutionary leap in the development of multifactorial motion analysis, now made more accurate, integrated, quicker and more productive than ever before.

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SMART-DX EVO integrate the infrared camera with a digitalisation and image processing system and accessories for interfacing with the outside world (communication ports, digital inputs / outputs, video output), wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections (other Bluetooth sensors and 3D cameras).

Integration and synchronization


SMART-DX EVO integrates, synchronizes and manages all the information coming from electromyography devices, force platforms and video cameras, in real time. It is also possible to integrate and synchronize the signals acquired from other devices.

Why choose SMART-DX EVO:

Simplified laboratory set-up

The touch display on the back of the cameras facilitates the laboratory set-up, making focus and pointing operations easier. The system also detects changes in the position of the cameras thanks to the integrated gyroscope, providing a warning through the software regarding the need for recalibration.

Multivolume calibration

Thanks to multivolume calibration, the work area can be a combination of different and not necessarily adjacent volumes. This means the system can be used even in the presence of obstacles inside the room.

Wireless connection

The cameras are equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to directly communicate with other devices and with the other SMART-DX EVO’s.


Versatile system

The different SMART-DX EVO models can be combined to satisfy all specific configuration needs.


Total integration

SMART-DX EVO is natively integrated with all devices comprising the motion analysis laboratory: force plates, surface electromyography, inertial sensor and video cameras.


Validated Protocols

The analysis protocols are validated by the international scientific community. We offer doctors, researchers and sport trainers valuable, quantitative information and instant comparisons with normative ranges.

  • Integration of an unlimited number of cameras

  • Processing module with integrated touch screen

  • Automatic identification of markers

  • Rapid calibration of multiple volumes of different sizes

  • No loss of precision even in critical lighting conditions

  • Native integration with electromyography devices, inertial sensors, force platforms and video cameras

  • Integration with third-party systems

  • Software for clinical assessment and performance analysis

  • Object-oriented software for the development of customised protocols

  • Development tools

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