Teethan is the most advanced digital technology for the analysis of dental occlusion. Quick, easy, accurate and non-invasive, with instant reporting and comparisons that are not detectable via traditional methods.


First visit - Teethan allows a more precise diagnosis, setting the practice apart from the competition thanks to advanced technology.

Splints and Occlusion - Teethan offers an instant bite analysis to check VDO rise or changes in occlusion.

Gnathology - Teethan assesses the muscular components in dysfunctional patients, allowing you to verify if the patient supports the treatment.

Prosthetic Rehabilitation - Teethan is a guide to restore the patients optimal functionality, helping to detect problematic factors and asymmetry.

Orthodontics - Teethan provides an accurate verification for the achievement of a balanced occlusion to avoid patient relapses.

Teethan provides an extensive range of clinical benefits that enable the practice to improve and validate their treatment, increase revenue and remain at the forefront of dental healthcare innovation.


Wireless Technology

Teethan is a wireless non-invasive solution that communicates data via Bluetooth technology, allowing complete freedom of movement.

Very Light Probes.png

Lightweight Probes

Each probe weighs just 13.5 grams, allowing the patient to wear them for the entire duration of the appointment with ease.

Easy To Use Software.png

Simple Software

The Teethan software is simple to use and intuitive, with a step by step workflow from patient preparation to test execution.

Time is precious.png

Time Efficient

The Teethan assessment only takes 3 minutes to complete and does not alter the daily workflow of the practice.

Easy to sanitize.png

Minimal Sanitization

Teethan probes never come in to contact with the patients face as they are applied using disposable pre-gelled electrodes.

Easy reading report.png

Instant Reports

After an assessment, a Teethan report is instantly generated with clear results, normative bands and autocalculated conclusions.

Results comparable over time.png

Measurable Outcomes

Teethan guarantees objective outcomes with no variability, allowing repeatable examinations to be compared over time. 

Easy usage.png

Easy Analysis

After just 1 hour of training, the practice will be ready to use Teethan independently, with user friendly software and analysis.

History exams just a click away.png

Examination History

Recall the patients full examination history with the click of a button and monitor changes with clear, intuitive graphs.

Patient Loyalty.png

Patient Loyalty

Teethan helps to retain patients that are unable to have the assessment elsewhere. They also promote it to friends and family.

Better communication.png

Improved Communication

Teethan allows the patient to visually understand their occlusal condition and the necessary interventions to improve it.

Dynamic Evaluation.png

Dynamic Evaluation

Teethan allows for the static and dynamic analysis of occlusion during diagnostics and reconstructive procedures.

Turnover increase.png

Increased Turnover

50% of practices using Teethan perform 10< assessments per month and charge £60<, offering a strong return on investment.

Legal protection.png

Legal Protection

Teethan allows treatment to be documented over time with objective information dating back to the patients initial condition.

Valuable support for clinic practice.png

Clinical Evidence

Accurately measure what was previously only observable with physical examination, but not quantifiable or comparable.

Over 20 years of scientific research has proven the importance of accurately monitoring mechanical and neuromuscular stability, which is why over 600 practices worldwide now use Teethan in their daily practice.

Dr Antonino Cacioppo.jpg

"In a few simple steps, Teethan helps me to evaluate the occlusal balance of all patients with extreme accuracy. It supports my experience in the diagnostic framing of the patient and after 2 years of use, it has become an irreplaceable exam in my daily practice for the optimal completion of a treatment plan."

Dr. Antonino Cacioppo

Dr Alessandro Nanussi.png

"Teethan helps me to answer many questions: Did I correctly balance this occlusion? Could an occlusal overload damage my work or the patient’s teeth? It is an indispensable system for my practice." 


Dr. Alessandro Nanussi

Dr Luca Ortensi.png

"A compass in prosthetic rehabilitation. Teethan helps me to understand the patient’s muscular work and identify the latero-deviations. It’s helpful throughout differential diagnosis and in all treatment phases." 


Dr. Luca Ortensi

Dr Joachim Rosswag.png

"Teethan increases diagnostic possibilities in all areas and secures treatment results in a way not previously possible. It has also opened up completely new opportunities for us in scientific documentation and publication." 


Dr. Joachim Rosswag

Dr Ettore Accivile.png

"In Orthodontics, the objective is to achieve the ideal occlusion. Teethan allows us to monitor the completion of the structures of the stomatognathic system in order to obtain a stable and balanced intercuspation over time.


Dr. Ettore Accivile

In under 20 minutes, the demo video below guides you through the full Teethan dental occlusion process; from the initial set up, to patient preparation, data acquisition, report generation and data interpretation.

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