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Strength measurement made easy

EasyForce: An advanced digital dynamometer that provides fast, accurate measurements of muscle strength and symmetry to aid treatment plans, objectively monitor progress and enhance patient feedback.

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Hands-free measurement

Allows for hands-free muscle testing as it can be anchored to fixed points. This removes the clinician from the equation, thus reducing their risk of injury when excessive muscle force is applied e.g. when performing lower limb strength testing.

Patient motivation

Unique display empowers the clinician and patient with a visual measurement to clearly quantify the patients force production. This removes the subjective guess work of manual muscle testing and increases the patients motivation to comply with their treatment plan.


Accurate to within ±1% of the reading; available in Kg, Lbs or N.

Instant results

Measurements are visible in real time on the screen with complete results displayed when the measurement ends, alongside the previous 3 readings.

Clinical evidence

Insurance companies often require accurate measurements when assessing claims. EasyForce is a class 2 medical device which conforms to the highest clinical standards.

Click here to view our online portfolio of EasyForce assessment protocol videos.

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Let's get started

For more information, or to purchase EasyForce for £399 (+VAT), simply complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible. Devices are dispatched the next working day!

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