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BTS GAITLAB: The only complete gait laboratory solution in the world for multifactorial motion analysis, supplied and seamlessly integrated by just one company.

The unique and affordable turn-key solution combining multiple step force analysis, kinematics and muscle evaluation.


BTS GAITLAB natively combines motion capture, force analysis, electromyography (EMG) and inertial sensors, supplying accurate quantitative information and objective data needed to identify gait and postural problems, load asymmetries and muscle failure, which would not be measureable with standard clinical examinations. The digital synchronisation tools allow clinicians to understand and simultaneously compare, frame by frame, the patient's movement and force distribution.


At the end of the examination, the system automatically returns a detailed report in which the results are compared with the normative age-defined ranges.


Clinical evaluation has never been more simple with our intuitive software, which even allows the clinician to develop their own customised assessment protocols.

Why choose BTS GAITLAB:

Integrated turnkey solution

We are very competitive on price and know how to tailor the right system for your clinical needs. The turnkey solution includes design, installation, training and support services to allow high laboratory productivity and a rapid return on investment from the very beginning.



The need for instrumental assessment in the clinic can vary over time depending on the evolution of laboratory, available space and budget. We know how to offer you a scalable solution over time that can adapt to the needs of your structure to avoid wasting resources. 


Lifetime support and network

Our clinical specialists are always available to assess clinical reports with you, involving external clinicians when necessary. We constantly encourage the exchange of experiences between the different laboratories in our global network, having contributed to create international connections that are ongoing over time.

Key features:

Kinematic analysis

Thanks to our SMART-DX EVO technology, it is possible to carry out the kinematic analysis of any type of movement. The infrared HD digital cameras included in the laboratory capture the trajectories of the markers allowing you to calculate the angular variations of each joint.


Force analysis

The P-6000 sensorised floor records the 3 components of ground reaction force, centre of pressure (COP) coordinates and torque. These, combined with the kinematic data, make it possible to calculate the moments and joint powers.


Electromyographic analysis

FREEEMG  wireless EMG probes are lightweight, miniaturised and wireless and do not alter the patient’s natural movements. The synchronisation of the electromyographic signal with kinematics and kinetics allows you to not only evaluate the activation of the muscle, but also the precise instant in which it occurs during the gait cycle. With 6 validated functional test protocols, FREEEMG offers real time biofeedback for advanced clinical movement analysis. 


Validated protocols

Based on protocols validated by the international scientific community, the SMART-Clinic software is an advanced and easy-to-use tool for the simultaneous, objective and complete analysis of the neuromuscular and biomechanical parameters of the patient’s movement.

What is included in the lab:

  • 6 SMART-DX EVO2 cameras (2.3 Mpixel - 200 fps)

  • 2 SMART-DX EVO5 cameras (5.1 Mpixel - 130 fps)

  • 4 P-6000 force plates

  • 8 FREEEMG 1000 wireless probes

  • 2 Video cameras HD PRO


  • BTS NET 8 input

  • GAITLAB markers start up kit

  • User console


  • 1 SMART-Suite license

  • 1 SMART-Clinic software license

  • 1 EMG-Analyzer software license

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