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BTS SPORTLAB: A complete, integrated laboratory for the ultimate sports biomechanical analysis based on 30 years of research; measuring kinematics, muscles and forces.

BTS SPORTLAB provides sport-focussed clinicians with complete and objective information to assess the musculoskeletal situation and motor strategies of their athletes during exercise.

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Sports teams and Olympic committees from all over the world use BTS SPORTLAB to identify upcoming talent, perfect training, prevent injuries optimise the physical condition of their athletes.

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BTS SPORTLAB allows you to plan customised training programmes based on in-depth knowledge of the actual potential and conditions of each individual athlete, avoiding the risks of over-training and declining performance.


The technology offers an integrated functional assessment based on 4 key factors: posture, movement, muscle activity and strength.

Technical highlights:


Multifactorial objective evaluation

Seamless sensory floor

Validated protocols

Why choose BTS SPORTLAB:

Full freedom of movement

BTS SPORTLAB allows clinicians to closely examine an athletes natural movement execution due to the total absence of cables, miniaturisation of devices and seamless integration of force plates into the floor.


Turnkey solution

The system natively integrates advanced tools for kinematic, dynamic and electromyographic analysis for use outdoors (playing fields, athletics tracks etc) and even in environments with critical lighting conditions (gyms, sports centres etc) without any loss of accuracy.



Biomechanical assessment needs can vary over time depending on the evolution of a team and its organisation, available space and budget. We know how to offer you a scalable solution over time that can adapt to the needs of your team to avoid wasting resources. 

Key features:

Kinematic analysis

Thanks to our SMART-DX EVO technology, it is possible to carry out the kinematic analysis of any type of movement. The infrared HD digital cameras included in the laboratory capture the trajectories of the markers allowing you to calculate the angular variations of each joint.


Force analysis

The P-6000 sensorised floor records the 3 components of ground reaction force, centre of pressure (COP) coordinates and torque. These, combined with the kinematic data, make it possible to calculate the moments and joint powers.


Electromyographic analysis

FREEEMG  wireless EMG probes are lightweight, miniaturised and wireless and do not alter the patient’s natural movements. The synchronisation of the electromyographic signal with kinematics and kinetics allows you to not only evaluate the activation of the muscle, but also the precise instant in which it occurs during the gait cycle.


Sport protocols

Our SMART-Performance software includes a series of protocols that calculate indices and parameters which are certified by the scientific community. Each protocol allows you to evaluate joint mobility, muscle activity and the distribution of forces of the athlete during the execution of specific movements. The protocols provide an automatic report that includes spatial-temporal parameters, kinematics and kinetics of the joints evaluated during the different phases of the movement cycle.

What is included in the lab:

  • ​8 SMART-DX EVO9 cameras (9 Mpixel - 300 fps)

  • 6 P-6000 force plates

  • 8 FREEEMG 1000 wireless probes

  • 2 Video cameras HD PRO


  • BTS NET 8 input

  • SPORTLAB markers start up kit

  • User console


  • 1 SMART-Suite license

  • 1 SMART-Performance software license

  • 1 EMG-Analyzer software license

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