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P-6000 Limitless Force Plate

P-6000 Limitless Force Plate: A revolutionary modular 3D digital force plate system that overcomes the limits imposed by traditional force plates by allowing an entire floor which measures reactions forces, even along the edges of adjoining plates.

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It is finally possible to measure force even when foot contact is made on two or more adjoining plates with our new modular force plate system.


P-6000 Limitless Force Plates have been integrated in a wide range of clinical and sports applications, including:

  • Design and validation of orthoses and prostheses

  • Load symmetry analysis and therapeutic or surgical treatment planning in orthopaedics

  • Dynamic and static postural assessment in neurological studies

  • Postural rehabilitation

  • Injury prevention and sports performance improvement

Why choose P-6000 limitless force plates:

Pure innovation

P-6000 digital force plates are equipped with innovative spherical sensors to ensure the most accurate measurements across the entire surface. Each module contains internal amplifies and overload protection systems.


A single sensory surface

Signals coming from adjoining modules are automatically processed and integrated, thus behaving as one continuous sensory surface. In clinical gait assessments, P-6000 allows the detection of multiple steps in a single test, allowing for faster and more natural gait analysis. The individual is able to move freely without being influenced by constraints that might affect their walking behaviour.


Absolute layout freedom

Thanks to the brand new seamless solution and ergonomic design, surfaces can be created in any shape and size, combining various modules in the configuration most suited to the analysis of any type of movement.


Accurate measurements

P-6000 guarantees the extremely accurate measurement of various components of forces, reaction moments and the coordinates of the centre of pressure, reducing crosstalk to a minimum. The modules are connected via Ethernet to ensure interference-free digital signal transmission.


Total integration

P-6000 is designed to be digitally integrated with the entire range of BTS products dedicated to motion analysis, including SMART-DX EVO optoelectronic cameras and FREEEMG wireless electromyography systems. An optional analogue interface also allows integration with third-party systems.

  • High-performance triaxial force plates

  • New sensors based on Strain Gauge technology

  • Integration of an unlimited number of force plates

  • Complete freedom of positioning

  • Suitable for postural, walk, run and jump analyses

  • Integration with BTS and third-party motion analysis systems

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