Phits is the world's first high-tech 3D printed insole, specifically designed based on your dynamic gait analysis using Footscan®. Optimal efficiency, superior stability and extreme durability.

Phits 3D Printed Insoles

Superior Stability

Optimal Efficiency

Extreme Durability

Sport Specific

Shoe Type Specific  

Minimal Bulk and Lightweight


The Phits design portal is integrated within the Footscan® v9 Software. Prescribing bespoke insoles has never been more simple with precise, scientifically calculated parameters to help ensure the perfect Phit!

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Calculated Parameters:

Heel Wedge

Local Stiffness

Directional Stiffness

Navicular Support

Top Cover Hardness

Top Cover Thickness



Ideal for postural assessment, the Static protocol takes a snapshot of the pressure distribution beneath the patients feet.



Offering a wide range of assessments, the Balance protocol records the displacement of the patients centre of pressure over time.

Dynamic - 2D

Dynamic - 2D

The Dynamic 2D screen displays the roll-off of the foot strike, including the dynamic centre of pressure, foot contact timings and areas of high pressure.

Dynamic - 3D

Dynamic - 3D

The Dynamic 3D screen visually displays the peak pressure areas during the foot roll-off.

Dynamic - Impulse

Dynamic - Impulse

The Dynamic Impulse screen calculates pressure over time to identify 'at risk' areas; a vital feature to monitor for diabetic patients.

Dynamic - Probes

Dynamic - Probes

The Dynamic Probes screen automatically masks 10 key areas of the plantar surface, monitoring the dyanmic pressure through each probe.

Dynamic - Risk Analysis

Dynamic - Risk Analysis

The Risk Analysis screen uses the RSscan Foot Model to determine the global and localised risk of the patients dynamic gait assessment.



With clinical outcome measures becoming increasingly important, the Compare screen allows you to visually compare 2 patient assessments side by side to identify change over time, or the effectiveness of treatment/orthotics.

Instant Report

Instant Report

After conducting your Footscan® assessment, an instant report is generated, offering measurable outcomes and enhancing the patient experience. This can be emailed via PDF and customised with your clinic branding.

Phits Design Module

Phits Design Module

All Footscan® customers now have the ability to prescribe Phits Insoles; the world's first 3D Printed bespoke orthotics specifically designed from a patients dynamic gait analysis. The Phits Module is integrated in to the Footscan® software. No foam box, no casting, no paperwork!

Whether you are an elite athlete, recreational walker or factory worker on your feet, Phits will help your feet to adopt the correct foot motion, improve your movement efficiency and minimise your risk of injury. 

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"Without the support of Phits orthotics, it would have been impossible to recover after my surgery and most likely I wouldn't have been able to continue my running career!"

Paula Radcliffe (Full Interview)

Marathon World Record Holder

Bespoke Orthotics

Gait and Motion Technology manage a network of over 200 specialist 'Phits Expert' clinics across the UK and Ireland. Click here to read an interview with one of our experienced clinicians, Jo Lucas!


"Phits 3D Printed orthotics are the best insoles that I have prescribed in my 12 years as practicing as an Orthotist!"

Jo Lucas (Phits Expert)

Orthotist, The Lakes Orthotics

Below are a range of frequently asked questions regarding Phits insoles, which detail the manufacturing process, insole material, maintenance, top cover options, specific insole types and customisation.

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