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Phits 3D Printed Orthotics

Phits: The world’s first data-driven 3D-printed orthotics, specifically designed based on your dynamic gait analysis using Footscan technology. Optimal efficiency, superior stability and extreme durability.

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A digital orthotics workflow for foot and ankle experts.
Your patients wear orthotics while they move, so why not design them based on how they move? With cutting-edge pressure plates and analysis software built on years of scientific research, use dynamic data of your patient’s unique movement to determine what’s happening beneath the foot and generate bespoke orthotic recommendations.

A more accurate, efficient, and fully customised workflow that will have you working smarter, not harder; and all in three simple steps…

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1. Measurement

Obtain quick, accurate, real-time dynamic data from your patient’s unique movement using Footscan.


2. Analysis

Observe how your patient’s feet function during their natural gait and identify any asymmetries or abnormalities in their foot pressure, timings and stability during the dynamic roll-off.

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3. Design

Adapt and customise your scientifically automated Phits 3D-printed orthotic design and order instantly via the cloud.

Why choose Phits

Intuitive and user-friendly

An easy-to-use design wizard and crystal-clear visualisations make analysis, design and ordering Phits orthotics effortless. Keep track of every change, alter any recommendation as you see fit using simple sliders, and move through the entire digital process in as few as three clicks.


Enhanced patient experience

Easily explain your treatment plan and monitor progress over time using clear 2D and 3D visualisations. Not only does this help patients to understand their situation, it will help to bring them on board in the process whilst validating your clinical reasoning.


Data-driven prescriptive design

Prescribing bespoke orthotics has never been more simple with precise, scientifically calculated parameters to help ensure the perfect fit; such as local stiffness, navicular support, top cover density/thickness, rearfoot posting and more.


Optimal accuracy

Phits are accurate to the nearest 0.1mm with no room for error in the manufacturing process, providing tailored support and cushioning where you need it most. This ensures exact replicas can be produced if the patient requires more than 1 pair.


Backed by research

Through research and collaboration with leading Universities, we continuously improve our algorithms. Our commitment to innovation, led by science, sets our state-of-the-art software and measurement systems apart.


Highly scalable

Thanks to its precise and automated digital workflow, you can speed up the process of analysis, diagnosis, orthotic design and manufacturing, allowing you to treat more patients and not waste time manufacturing and finishing devices in house.


True customisation

Develop truly custom Phits orthotics for each patient based on their unique gait, lifestyle needs and footwear. Manually adjust everything from the location of the metatarsal pad to the height of the navicular support.


Powered by Footscan technology

Guided by 25+ years of experience in plantar pressure measurement technology, we are the industry frontrunners in this field. Our dynamic gait analysis systems are suitable for both clinical and scientific use.


Minimal bulk and lightweight

Phits are less than half the weight of traditional orthotics whilst offering extreme durability and comfort, whether you are walking, running or playing sport.


Footwear specific

Regardless of your age or activity level, Phits offers specific designs to cater for your footwear; such as walking, running, football, golf, cycling, skiing and workwear.


Phits for all

Whether you are an elite athlete, recreational walker or factory worker on your feet, Phits will help your feet to adopt the correct foot motion, improve your movement efficiency and minimise your risk of injury. 



As Paula states, “My Phits simply don’t wear out.” Not only are the devices robust, they are 3D-printed via selective laser sintering (SLS) using Bluesint PA12 which is created from 100% recycled powder; removing the waste associated with traditional orthotic manufacturing. We also plant a tree for every pair of Phits ordered as part of the GMTree Project.


Clinical training and education

Looking to improve your confidence in lower limb biomechanics and orthotic prescription writing? All Phits suppliers gain exclusive access to our GMT Education programme, with webinars hosted by leading experts in the profession.


The choice of champions

Phits are the #1 orthotic choice of multiple British and World Champion athletes; from World Record breaking legends such as Paula Radcliffe, to current champions such as Charlotte Purdue to keep them moving pain free.

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All Phits suppliers join the Gait and Motion Clinics national patient referral network and benefit from our nationwide marketing activities and strategies to the general public.

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Don't just take our word...

Jo Lucas.png

“Dynamic gait analysis is the absolute best basis for prescribing foot orthotics to achieve the desired result. The results I see in my clinic on a day to day basis are phenomenal. Phits are quite simply the best orthotics I have prescribed in 13 years of clinical practice.”

Jo Lucas

Director & Orthotist, The Lakes Orthotics

Mar-ie Ferdinand.png

“Having been running a Podiatry business for 8 years I have never come across a company like Gait and Motion Technology for customer service and professionalism. We have been using Footscan and Phits since December 2020 and it has been the best decision we have made to implement these products in our practice, not only for us as practitioners but for our patients too! The team have been fantastic supporting us along the way and we are proud to be part of Gait and Motion Clinics. If you are considering implementing the latest gait analysis technology in your practice, look no further than Gait and Motion!”

Mar-ie Ferdinand

Director & Podiatrist, Next Step Podiatry

Emma Price.png

“Phits orthotics allow us to offer the best! The sheer comfort that this product provides to patients is second to none. It also offers intelligent design and prescription opportunities that make Phits a total winner!”

Emma Price

Director & Podiatrist, Supafoot

Steph Owen.png

“This amazing technology is the first of its kind, offering the ability to produce dynamically designed orthotics, which has totally modernised how we do things. These ground breaking Phits orthotics are very effective and can totally change the way you feel and move!”

Stephanie Owen

Director & Podiatrist, SO Podiatry

Ricky Cheema.png

“Footscan provides unparalleled detail when we assess a patient's biomechanics and analyse their gait. Such detail results in a perfect 3D-printed insole, designed on force and pressure parameters. In our opinion no other orthotic can be as closely matched to foot function requirements!”

Ricky Cheema

Director & Podiatrist, RS Podiatry Clinic

Paul Hobrough.png

“After 20 years in the industry, Phits has revolutionised the way we work. This is absolutely a world beating device, unrivalled in any way by any other company! I’ve been working with Gait and Motion since they started. The guys have been supportive, friendly and highly professional even though they have the best product on the market. They are not concerned with your monthly order status, they are concerned about you, your goals and how best they might support that. This is so rare to find and for that reason I am a client for life." 

Paul Hobrough

Director & Physiotherapist, Hobrough Healthcare

Trupti Gardner.png

“Starting a new practice and trying to choose the right kind of treatments for our patients is always challenging. But after having our first meeting with the team, we knew that Gait and Motion Technology was the company we wanted to work alongside. The product is great, the service has been exceptional and the response from our patients about their Phits orthotics has been excellent.”

Trupti Gardner

Director & Podiatrist, Healthy Footsteps Podiatry Clinic

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  • What about maintenance?
    Phits are very easy to maintain as they do not absorb moisture. Therefore, they can be easily cleaned. Concerned that the top cover is wearing down? No problem, all top covers can be refurbished here in the UK.
  • Which top cover options are available?
    There are a range of top covers to choose from within the Phits design portal, including various shore densities of EVA and the leading impact protective form of PU, D3O.
  • Do Phits fit into every shoe?
    Phits insoles fit in to the majority of shoe types, including specifically adapted designs for football, running, cycling, golf and skiing for optimal functionality. There are also options for narrower day to day footwear and even tailored safety insoles for workers boots.
  • Can Phits be customised?
    Yes! All Phits insoles can be customised with a 3D print engraved name on the rear of the heel cup. This could be your clinic or patient name for that added touch of personalisation.
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