EasyAngle is an innovative range of motion measurement device that enables the clinician to quickly and accurately measure the mobility of all relevant joints in the body, providing enhanced patient feedback.


Lightweight, Handheld Device

Simple Assessments with Instant Results

Enhance Patient Experience and Motivation

Integrates Seamlessly in Existing Workflows

Medical Device Supported by Clinical Publications

The New Standard of Range of Motion Measurement

Traditional joint measuring tools such as Goniometers and Inclinometers are inaccurate and difficult to use. EasyAngle offers precise, reliable measurements of joint mobility, providing accurate outcome measures.

Step 1: Press the button to enter the measurement mode.

Step 2: Align the device with the first limb and press the button again to start the measurement.

Step 3: Align the device with the second limb and press the button to end the measurement.

Step 4: Press again to view the measured angle along with the last four recordings.

Motion Measurement Made Easy - EasyAngle is a CE-Certified Medical Device trusted by thousands of clinicians worldwide, allowing the instant comparison of joint range of motion pre and post therapy.  

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