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Motion measurement made easy

An innovative range of motion measurement device that enables the clinician to quickly and accurately measure the mobility of all joints in the body, providing enhanced patient feedback.

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Easy to use

Measurement with one hand allows for the clinician to support the patient and enables a simple assessment procedure. Only one alignment is needed at a time and the display clearly shows each measured result, along with the four previous recordings.

Patient motivation

Simple to objectively measure status and progress in small steps due to the devices high accuracy. Measured joint angles can easily be communicated and used to motivate patients to follow established rehabilitation programmes.

Clinical evidence

Insurance companies often require accurate measurements when assessing claims. EasyAngle is a class 1 medical device (CE/FDA) which conforms to the highest clinical standards and is supported by many reliability studies.

5 devices in 1

Can be used for high quality assessment of all relevant joints in the body; replacing the goniometer, inclinometer, CROM-device, BROM-device and scoliometer.


High precision digital goniometer that is accurate to within ±1 degree in all planes of motion; flexion, extension and rotation.

Click here to view our online portfolio of EasyAngle assessment protocol videos.

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Don't just take our word...

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"I regularly use EasyAngle to record the three component movements of the scapular; upward rotation, external rotation and posterior tilt. These measurements are really useful when assessing and managing subacromial shoulder pain.”

Ian Horsley

Deputy Chief Physio, Team GB

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“EasyAngle makes the rehabilitation assessment so much more accurate, and it’s easy to replicate the tests time and time again. It is a must for any clinician!”

Trevor Payne

Orthopaedic Sports Rehab Specialist, Athletic Performance Therapy

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Let's get started

For more information, or to purchase EasyAngle for £250 (+VAT), simply complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible. Devices are dispatched the next working day!

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