baiobit is a combination of technology and services to support the therapist for accurate clinical and functional evaluations, with instant reports to allow objective monitoring of patient progress.




Patient preparation is quick and easy. In just 15 seconds you are ready to start the examination using the baiobit wrist, waist or head straps, allowing complete freedom of movement for the tests and exercises.

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A digital assistant always by your side, baiobit guides the clinician through every step of the rehabilitation process. The sensor transmits all data via Bluetooth to your PC in a user-friendly software interface.

4) Home Exercises: Instantly assign and send a range of home exercises for the patient to follow.

1) Patient Visit: Objective assessment of gait, balance and joint mobility.

BAIOBIT Cervical Test

3) Follow Up: Assess the progress of treatment with visual reports for comparison.

2) Rehabilitation: Biofeedback exercises in a digital mirror with Augmented Reality (AR) modes.

baiobit offers a true business partnership for continued innovation and education. The range of key services included in the commercial offer guarantee a complete user experience for optimal patient outcomes.

Software Licence

Intuitive software with free updates for all new baiobit features. 

Software Support

Have a software related question? Our specialist team are here to help.

Hardware Support

Immediate replacement of baiobit hardware in the event of a fault.

baiobit Helpline

Have a clinical question? Use our baiobit helpline for feedback. 

Webinars & CPD

Benefit from our ongoing Webinars, Courses and CPD opportunities.

Certified Clinic

Have a presence on the global map of Rivelo clinics for referrals.

Additional Protocols

Access all new Test and Exercise protocols when they are released.

Marketing Material

Receive a baiobit wall plaque and access to a range of online materials. 

baiobit evaluates the dynamic movement of the pelvis in all three planes; tilt, obliquity and rotation, providing the range of motion, maximum and minimum pelvic angles, alongside the normative ranges.

Tom Evans

Ultra Trail World Tour Champion (2020)

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Natasha Cockram

British Marathon Champion (2020)

Outcome measures are invaluable in clinical practice and the baiobit compare feature allows you to re-test and objectively track all changes over time in clear, visual graphs. Patients love to see their progress!

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"baiobit is the solution I have been waiting for, for so long. It combines technology, ease of use and immediate support to my daily practice."

Luca Barni

"baiobit is a new digital technology that integrates an extremely fast, reliable and accurate evaluation and treatment system for my patients." 

Daniele Maremmani

"Thanks to baiobit, I can make a precise, objective assessment of the patient’s condition and quickly see how my treatment is benefitting them." 

Andrea Franchioni

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For more information, pricing, or to arrange a live baiobit demonstration with one of our Consultants, simply complete the contact form here and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.