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GMTree Project

GMTree Project: As we continue to strive towards a greener future, we are proud to launch our new eco-friendly initiative; the GMTree Project.

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Traditional orthotic manufacturing involves a series of resource-intensive steps, from the initial design phase, to the finished product. Each year in the UK alone, thousands of foam impression boxes, plaster casts and tonnes of milled CADCAM waste is either burnt or sent to landfill. This environmental cost cannot be ignored, and embracing sustainable alternatives is crucial for the industry’s future.

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Handmade devices often require additional modifications and adjustments, involving further cutting, grinding or polishing which further adds to the waste. Softer materials such as EVA tend to lose their shape and thickness in a matter of months, along with their prescription. As Paula Radcliffe states, “My Phits simply don’t wear out.” Designing robust orthoses with a longer lifespan is important, contributing towards a more sustainable product lifecycle and a more satisfied user.

Materialise HQ

In collaboration with Materialise, Gait and Motion Technology put sustainability at the forefront of development, exploring alternatives and initiatives to ensure we make a positive change to the dated methodologies. ISO14001 certified, Materialise have an Environmental Management System (EMS) which focusses on minimising our ecological footprint, regulations and client-specific requirements across all operations and services.


Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, significantly reduces waste compared to traditional manufacturing methods, only using the material required to create the final product. It also allows for the creation of complex, intricate designs which are impossible to achieve with traditional methods. Orthoses are produced on demand, eliminating the need for large inventories and minimising the risk of overproduction.

GMTree Phits

As industry leaders in innovation and sustainability, Materialise developed Bluesint PA12. This unique material offers similar mechanical and visual properties to traditional laser-sintered PA12, but is made from 100% recycled material. 100% of Phits orthoses are 3D printed using Bluesint PA12 and 100% of our manufacturing is powered by green energy, with over 1,000 solar panels fitted on our HQ alone.

GMTree Project Logo.png

As we continue to strive towards a greener future, we are proud to launch our latest eco-friendly initiative at Gait and Motion Technology; The GMTree Project! From January 1st 2024, we’ll be planting a tree for every pair of Phits orthotics order via our Gait and Motion Clinics partners. Join us in taking a step towards sustainability and comfort. With Phits, not only do you invest in your wellbeing, but you also contribute to a positive impact on the environment.

Let’s make every step count; for your foot health and the health of our planet!

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