FREEEMG is the most advanced electromyography unit in the world. It is a wireless system for the dynamic analysis of muscle activity in real time, allowing freedom of movement for a wide range of applications.

Over 500 organisations worldwide use FREEEMG to to evaluate orthopaedic and neurological disorders, motor deficits, orthotic prescription, rehabilitation and the optimisation of sport specific techniques.

FREEEMG 1000 H20 is our latest wireless EMG technology that allows the probes to be fully immersed in up to 3 metres of water, whilst preserving the high signal quality and performance. A true game changer!

FREEEMG 1000 has 6 validated functional test protocols. Native integration with G-WALK offers additional spatio-temporal parameters and pelvic kinematics which to help identify accurate muscle firing patterns.

For further information on the FREEEMG 1000 specifications, functional test protocols and package pricing, simply complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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