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The most advanced electromyography unit in the world

FREEEMG: The most advanced electromyography (EMG) unit in the world. A wireless system for the dynamic analysis of muscle activity in real time, allowing freedom of movement for a wide range of applications in any environment.


EMG analysis has never been so quick and easy with our user friendly software interface and real time biofeedback. Based entirely on wireless technologies, BTS FREEEMG uses up to 20 probes for the acquisition and transmission of EMG signals.


FREEEMG also manages probes for the connection of electrogoniometers; allowing the assessment of angles, angular velocities, angular accelerations and footswitches for foot-floor contact area detection.


Thousands of organisations worldwide use FREEEMG to evaluate orthopaedic and neurological disorders, motor deficits, orthotic prescription, rehabilitation and the optimisation of sport specific techniques.

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FREEEMG H2O is our latest wireless EMG technology that allows the probes to be fully immersed in up to 3 metres of water (IP68 classification), whilst preserving the high signal quality and performance thanks to a special protective gel. A true game changer!


Muscle activity evaluation in water can be carried out for both rehabilitation purposes and in sports contexts such as water sports, indoor training and post-injury recovery. Thanks to their high resistance to sweat, the probes are also ideal for use in any other sport.

Extreme signal accuracy: 1kHz

Probes: Up to 20 simultaneously

Ultralight: 13g

Battery life: Over 6 hours of continuous recording

Onboard memory: 2 hours of internal storage

Acquisition range: Up to 20m

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