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FREELAB: A portable, integrated solution combining EMG with an inertial sensor for the objective measurement of kinematic and muscle activity.


Muscle activity measurement is essential to assess the patient’s state of health and to be able to intervene with highly personalised treatment pathways.


Thanks to FREELAB, it is possible to carry out the analysis of specific movements for each body part, allowing you to formulate a real functional diagnosis by identifying any movement dysfunctions, residual potential and compensation strategies.

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The use of our FREEEMG electromyography system together with our inertial G-SENSOR allows you to obtain an immediate view of the muscle activity in relation to the movement performed.


FREELAB allows you to assess posture, gait and the mobility of the lumbar and cervical spine in just a few minutes, providing indispensable support in defining the most appropriate therapy, whilst allowing detailed pre-post treatment analysis.

Why choose FREELAB:

A wearable lab

The sensors are applied directly to the pre-gelled electrodes or to the straps supplied with the system, without requiring further fixing. The absence of cables allows for a much faster patient preparation. These features make FREELAB a real wearable laboratory to carry out a functional diagnosis for any part of the body.


Easy to transport

FREELAB does not require a dedicated space and can be used in any environment. The system is supplied with a carry case to facilitate its portability, enabling testing in the clinic or on the field.


Objective and measurable assessments

Bespoke rehabilitation plans require an objective evaluation of the patient. FREELAB guarantees a rapid, accurate measurement of the individuals motor behaviour that can be monitored over time.


Normality indices included

The system is simple to use and does not require specific technical skills. The reports contain normative reference data for all imeasurements to immediately highlight any anomalies and simplify the interpretation of the results.

Key features:


The system consists of the FREEEMG electromyographic probes and the inertial G-SENSOR. FREEEMG allows you to perform a dynamic functional assessment of the activation state of the muscle chains, providing information on the time, duration and intensity of muscle activation during the movement execution. G-SENSOR allows you to perform a kinematic assessment of the movement, providing data on the speed and acceleration of the motor task performed. Time references allow for the movement to be divided into different sub-phases in which the muscular behaviour is analysed.



FREELAB includes a complete software solution for electromyographic and kinematic analysis. It includes a library of predefined protocols for functional analysis in the clinical and sports fields. Once the specific functional test has been performed, the software automatically generates an easy-to-read report. It also includes an editor for creating customised processing protocols.


Protocol library

Functional protocols are fast-paced examinations that require simple preparation and easily fit into routine assessment. The repetition of the examination over time allows you to accurately and objectively monitor the improvements, giving the patient clear feedback on their progress.


Functional diagnosis

FREELAB supports the clinician to identify the origin of the patient’s problem, whether that be movement dysfunction, potential residues, or compensation strategies. The system allows you to assess whether it is linked to an incorrect activation of certain muscle groups, or to an asymmetrical function between the left and right side.


Faster and more accurate analyses

The small, lightweight electrodes allow you to analyse any type of movement (walking, running, jumping, etc), for any area of the body, on any type of patient, without altering their natural motor pattern.

What is included in the lab:


  • 4 or 8 FREEEMG 1000 wireless probes

  • 1 G-SENSOR


  • Clinical Functional Protocols Library

  • EMG-Analyzer software

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