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Our Easy Bundle contains 1 x EasyAngle, 1 x EasyForce and 1 x EasyForce Accessory Pack



An innovative range of motion measurement device that enables the clinician to quickly and accurately measure the mobility of all joints in the body, providing enhanced patient feedback.


An advanced digital dynamometer that provides fast, accurate measurements of muscle strength and symmetry to aid treatment plans, objectively monitor progress and enhance patient feedback.

Easy Bundle (includes Accessory Pack)

Excluding VAT
  • EasyAngle

    Lightweight, Handheld Device

    Simple Assessments with Instant Results

    Enhance Patient Experience and Motivation

    Integrates Seamlessly in Existing Workflows

    Medical Device Supported by Clinical Publications

    The New Standard of Range of Motion Measurement

    For more info, please visit our EasyAngle product page


    Quantify Muscle Force Production

    Reduce Injury Risk of the Clinician

    Simple Assessments with Instant Results

    Integrates Seamlessly in Existing Workflows

    Remove the Guess Work of Manual Muscle Testing

    The New Standard of Muscle Force Measurement

    For more info, please visit our EasyForce product page

    EasyForce Standard Accessories Pack includes:

    One wrist/ankle strap
    One hand grip
    One long strap with numbers
    One door attachment

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