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We have carefully selected accessories which enable you to perform muscle force measurements in the most accurate way. These attachments are designed for each of the body parts you want to attach the EasyForce to, and include one wrist/ankle strap, one hand grip, one long strip with numbers, and one door attachment. The numbered strap allows you to set the exact same length each time you repeat a measurement, ensuring you have the same conditions throughout your rehabilitation program.


The benefit of using the chosen attachments opposed to alternatives is creating the measurement standard, which enhances understanding, repeatability and validity of the results. However, if needed EasyForce can be used with other non-standard accessories of your choice.


EasyForce Accessory Pack

Excluding VAT
  • EasyForce Standard Accessories Pack includes:

    One wrist/ankle strap
    One hand grip
    One long strap with numbers
    One door attachment

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