Fit2Go is a unique full-body screen which uses data and complex algorithms to understand how your patient's Health, Body and Lifestyle interlink. Click here to register your interest in becoming a provider!

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Fit2Go Body Screen encompasses an extensive range of Health, Lifestyle and Body data...

Health - Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Body Fat, Lung Volume, Cholesterol, Diet, Water, Caffeine, Sleep, Smoking, Stress

Lifestyle - Past Medical History, Exercise Habits and Management, Loading, Gym Specific Activities

Body - Single Leg Stability, Centre of Balance, Functional Balance, Force Distribution, Functional Movements, Shoulder Strength & Proprioception, Scapulothoracic Movement, Neck Stability, Core Stability, Pelvic Movement, Sitting Posture, Quad Length, Grip Strength, Deep Breathing, Gait

The service involves a free online Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire for the general public to complete, followed by a Fit2Go Body Screen in clinic, to be completed by a certified local practitioner.

Results are instantaneous, with research-backed advice and exercise prescription in a report which is as unique as the patients DNA.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the population have become more health conscious than ever before, and with the current state of NHS waiting lists, injury prevention and health optimisation are key!

By offering the Fit2Go Body Screen at your clinic, you can expand your services and network by connecting with other local practitioners in different fields, which is facilitated through the intuitive software.

Fit2Go works on a pay-per-screen credit basis, costing the clinic £10 per screen, with a minimum service price of £100. Similar health screenings cost in excess of £500, making Fit2Go affordable for patients, whilst profitable for the practice.

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Interested in offering Fit2Go at your clinic? Click here to complete a Google form and we will be in touch with your account form, online starter pack, training details and 3 complementary screening credits!